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Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 05:04 am
sanityinwords: So I've been thinking...

As I was talking to my girl today I brought up the subject of conspiracy theories. And at some point in that short lived conversation a distant memory struck me:

My first day in Philosophy 101. An introduction began with the teacher telling us the basics of philosophy using key people such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates to explain. I followed what I could, attempting to stay awake, so I could get my classes over with for the day. After the syllabus was passed out she issued our first assignment. An essay. What happened to the easy classes where you do almost nothing the first few weeks? Apparently I finished those in my first two semesters and it was time for some hard-core learning. Now, usually I am pretty good at writing reports or other literary works, so I figured I'd be able to breeze through it like I had done countless times in the past. My confidence left me as quick as a bulimic after dinner (bad joke I know) when I heard the subject of which we were to write about. Do we exist?

I soon felt empty and lost. I did not have an answer. The logic in my brain was constantly trying to prove or disprove my own existence. Is their proof in either direction? I struggled through the concept for several weeks (I never did turn in my paper) until that very question caused me to drop the class. It was much too complicated for my simple brain to process. And after several attempts to forget that class even existed I finally managed to do so. Until today.

So I ask you all to get into this debate as I am in the mood to do so. What proof is there to stand firmly behind our existence? Are you sure you exist?

Sure, we can all THINK that we exist. "Thinking" is nothing but rapid firing neurons in our brain. And if neurons control our thought process, our body, our emotions...what is left? What happens when those neurons cease to function? Do we still exist?


Wed, Feb. 23rd, 2005 06:33 am (UTC)
sanityinwords: Re: Hmmm...

...it is entirely possible that we are simply riding along on one of the billions and billions of electrons orbiting a much larger nuclear mass, and the Milky Way as we know it is a single cell...

This is a fascinating concept. And I agree that it really doesn't make a difference because mundane things still have to be accomplished. However, if it was in fact discovered that this situation was true and we were the proverbial atom to a higher level organism, would it make a difference in your life?

Me personally it would. I have always been in search of more knowledge and this discovery would truly make us all gods in our own reality. This is because everything that we have been brought up on, i.e. values, ethics, religion...would become void.

This discovery would indeed cause chaos but it would be welcome to discover the truth in my opinion.