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Sat, Jul. 8th, 2006, 01:45 pm
genie_lorene: Stephen Hawking askes an important question.

Stephen Hawking asked an important question today on Yahoo, and people are responding.  "In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"


My CwG response:

I think there might be an opportunity for CwGers to really makes some waves in regard to this question.  You might consider going to answer it yourself.  http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20060708015558AA3UJG8&r=w&pa=FZptHWf.BGRX3OFMhDZWWJ5NO.G6Z.uh2rYGdrElSIgZrqQZDq.CxacrQsb4PRFsmnoHw9X95MrNyoouVQ--&cp=15&tp=15#TJEsDDO4BzKYGSbYBz1_0f4xjNR96EPwDqRRM1xmXrEecn11.Yzv

Sat, Jun. 24th, 2006, 03:11 pm
genie_lorene: A new forum

I'd like to introduce you guys to a new forum:  http://hafodholistiche.bbfunplus.com/hafodholistiche.html.  It's just starting up so there's hardly anyone there yet, it's open to topics numerous spiritual topics.  Everything from weight loss to remote healing.  I really love the idea of an entire forum dedicated to the evolution of the soul!

Sun, Aug. 28th, 2005, 12:23 am
genie_lorene: Hey there!

I joined to discuss what ghosts/demons/spirits/entities may or may not be. I have theories, haven't completely committed myself to any of them yet. I feel like there is just something we corporeally-bound beings just haven't quite figured out yet when it comes to what's going on in the Super Reality around us. I'm looking for answers that make sense to me. I discuss this a bit with others at the community whenyoudie, but we're just barely scratching the surface over there, I think.</span>

Thu, Mar. 17th, 2005, 11:30 am
jamescaviezel: Jam Master Jay

Remember when truth, strength, and honor actually stood for something. What would Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or Augustus Pablo say about the society we have created? Whether you fancy yourself a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or Anglican, it's time to stop standing on the sidelines!


Also, don't forget to check out our brothers at nichols_fans and free_the_carrs

Wed, Mar. 16th, 2005, 07:17 am
jamescaviezel: (no subject)

Angels are some of the most highly evolved creatures known to science.

On the behalf of angelsfromgod, nichols_fans, and in association with free_the_carrs, I cordially invite you to join a brand new community that's all about peace, love, and God.

Share your Angel story(ies)!


Wed, Mar. 9th, 2005, 05:18 am
sanityinwords: (no subject)

Here is an interesting excerpt taken from an article posted in the Arizona Daily Star. It can be found in its entirety here.

"For most of her life, the young woman hated sports.

And though she was born and raised in Tucson, she never liked Mexican food. She craved Italian and was a pasta junkie.

But three years ago, all that changed for Jaime Sherman, 28, when she underwent a heart transplant at University Medical Center, after battling a heart defect since birth.

"Now I love football, baseball, basketball. You name it, I follow it," said Sherman, a psychology student at Arizona State University. "And Mexican food is by far my favorite."

She'd heard similar stories - of people who get donor hearts, develop new and surprising tastes and traits, then trace them to the donor. It's an eerie phenomenon that has triggered controversy and skepticism.

Could it be happening to her?"

This poses some interesting questions. Although the instances are rare it has been documented that they happen. What would happen if an organ required was grown inside a lab? Or more specifically grown on another animal? Would it then be possible to adapt to the animal's tastes or dislikes? It seems humorous but I am quite serious. This brings me an idea for a short story...

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 05:04 am
sanityinwords: So I've been thinking...

As I was talking to my girl today I brought up the subject of conspiracy theories. And at some point in that short lived conversation a distant memory struck me:

My first day in Philosophy 101. An introduction began with the teacher telling us the basics of philosophy using key people such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates to explain. I followed what I could, attempting to stay awake, so I could get my classes over with for the day. After the syllabus was passed out she issued our first assignment. An essay. What happened to the easy classes where you do almost nothing the first few weeks? Apparently I finished those in my first two semesters and it was time for some hard-core learning. Now, usually I am pretty good at writing reports or other literary works, so I figured I'd be able to breeze through it like I had done countless times in the past. My confidence left me as quick as a bulimic after dinner (bad joke I know) when I heard the subject of which we were to write about. Do we exist?

I soon felt empty and lost. I did not have an answer. The logic in my brain was constantly trying to prove or disprove my own existence. Is their proof in either direction? I struggled through the concept for several weeks (I never did turn in my paper) until that very question caused me to drop the class. It was much too complicated for my simple brain to process. And after several attempts to forget that class even existed I finally managed to do so. Until today.

So I ask you all to get into this debate as I am in the mood to do so. What proof is there to stand firmly behind our existence? Are you sure you exist?

Sure, we can all THINK that we exist. "Thinking" is nothing but rapid firing neurons in our brain. And if neurons control our thought process, our body, our emotions...what is left? What happens when those neurons cease to function? Do we still exist?


Thu, Feb. 10th, 2005, 06:53 am
levianosh: My Robotic Name

L.E.O.N.A.R.D.: Lifelike Electronic Organism Normally for Accurate Repair and Destruction

Thu, Feb. 10th, 2005, 06:34 am
sanityinwords: (no subject)

Speaking of A.I. What's your robotic name?

Wed, Feb. 9th, 2005, 08:17 pm
selinaenriquez: A.I.

Hi I'm Selina and new here.

I think I've found a good place for sharing some techno fantasies. Here is mine.

From our current technological process, it seems that it won't be too long before we invent real A.I.

Machines that have their own identity and are fully aware of our existence as well as being aware of itself as a conscious entity. These machines will be put to use doing various jobs, and then it will be inevitable that machines will need to be shut down because they are broken, obselete, etc and their parts would be sold or destroyed.

The question is, even though they would not be technically classified as living, would that make it any less wrong to pull the plug on them and essentially kill them? They would know that they would die if this happened, and they would do everything they could to preserve themselves somehow. What if you formatted an intelligent machine's hard drive? This would essentially destroy the memories and identity of the A.I.

Who would decide these things? World leaders? Special committies? Psychologists? Ethicists? This type of scenario will eventually crop up, and we won't know what to do. In fact, we'll probably kill the machines of out fear and misunderstanding. I bet this is looking familiar now, isn't it? This scenario has been explored many times in movies and books, but if you had the plug in your hand, would you pull the plug or let it exist?

Would you let them exist, because everything that knows it exists has the right to continue to exist? As it's been told in 'The Second Renaissance', "bless all forms of intelligence".

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